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Savvy businesses use technology freely but it can leave a business taxed to the limit. That’s where Xiingo fits in your business plan.

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Resolve Your Tech Needs

Xiingo Provides Technology Services For Businesses Of All Types

Many companies offer tech services, but few have the expertise that Xiingo can provide for your business. The quality centric, scalable solutions we supply will improve your business while keeping your operations efficient and protected. Engineered in compliance with the evolving regulations and secured by integrated architecture developed by industry savvy technologists and analysts, Xiingo can be your tech ally.

Innovation fueled solutions to your tech needs make us a mission critical technology partner who will simplify and optimize your path to solutions in the cloud.


What We Do

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  • Cloud telephony services
  • Cloud dialer setup and management
network and security solutions icon network and security solutions icon
  • Advanced networking services
  • Data center management and setup
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  • Remote tech support: B2B and B2C
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  • SaaS development
  • App development
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Choose Xiingo To Transform Your Businesses Tech Approach

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Shift to Cloud

Cloud Solutions from Xiingo

Xiingo has worked with many businesses and discovered that no two are at the same stage in the way they access and use cloud technology. This has encouraged Xiingo’s professionals to develop the following bundle of services that can be tailored to the use of each individual client. Using input from our customers we then develop solutions that answer current and future challenges. Transform your business with cloud services from Xiingo.

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Custom Tech Solutions

Software Development from Xiingo

To every problem there is a solution and the specialized engineers and developers at Xiingo will bring their expertise to bear upon your business and its unique situation. Customized solutions are an opportunity for our many talented people to provide software that can overcome not only problems but provide ways to enhance your business as well.

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Networking Solutions

Advanced Networking Services from Xiingo

Small and medium sized businesses often don’t have the IT resources to provide networking infrastructure and tech solutions. Xiingo has the IT professionals that can provide you with solutions focused on application development, network administration and data management. Solutions that assist you in daily activities without adding employees to your payroll. Xiingo enables you to keep pace and surpass the competition. Let our professionals help your professional work better!

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Cloud Based Solution

Cloud Dialer Setup and Management from Xiingo

How do you handle sales and customer service calls? Is your call center using the latest tech making the customer experience with your company something that brings them back? With Xiingo’s cloud dialer calling solution we can set up a positive customer experience in your call center in just hours. Built on a durable 100% open source platform, scalable for all businesses,you serve your customers on their preferred channels like voice, email, SMS, Web-Chat and WhatsApp.

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Data is an asset

Data Center Management from Xiingo

Who's minding your storage? Data center management monitoring is available 24x7x365 with Xiingo’s comprehensive data management services. These services include server management, storage management, network NOC monitoring and cloud management. Xiingo provides technology and facility management to centralize monitoring, management and intelligent capacity planning. Manage your data center’s critical systems better with help from the pro’s at Xiingo.

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Instant Tech Support

Remote Tech Support from Xiingo

Xiingo’s tech support staff enables support for critical business processes 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. With experienced staff available to deal with problems at all times, we are an organization that believes that your success is our success. Whether it is assistance in the necessary tech of today’s business environment, brand building or assuring your customers of a great experience when dealing with you Xiingo is here as your partner.

Xiingo’s all about quality over quantity. Whether it’s delivering top quality leads or devising an email marketing strategy, we make it count for our clients. Our data-driven approach determines the solutions we recommend and helps our clients see true growth.

Our array of custom technology solutions set us apart. So, tell us about your business need, can’t wait to show you what our experts can do.