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What Xiingo Offers

Xiingo stretches the boundaries of technology in the world of digital marketing. We are a unique offering where we design, develop and implement advanced technology solutions to run and manage effective digital marketing campaigns. We have developed custom tailored technology solutions that help our clients analyze data and make data driven decisions, distribute customer data to their clients, track campaign performance and provide high quality customers.

Xiingo stretches the boundaries of technology when it comes to telemarketing, we have developed, implemented and managed advanced telephony solutions, cloud-based call center setups, automated reporting and tracking mechanisms that help our clients to run their telemarketing campaigns on “auto pilot”.

Our offerings include setting up of private and public cloud systems, private data center setups and advanced networking solutions. We also currently run our own private data center in the Mississauga, Ontario, Canada area which hosts a majority of our technology solutions that run our clients digital marketing campaigns.

Xiingo stretches the boundaries of customer acquisition, we run turnkey campaigns for B2C and B2B clients and drive more customers to their businesses. Our expertise over the years, in the B2C space has been in the P&C insurance lines for the US48 states.

We have successfully run campaigns to generate leads for insurance carriers and insurance agents in Auto, Home, Life, Health (U65) and Medicare Insurance space. Due to our extensive focus on technology, we have successfully run multiple warm transfer campaigns for multiple clients for Auto Insurance.

Lead Markets

Xiingo’s all about quality over quantity. Whether it’s delivering top quality leads or devising an email marketing strategy, we make it count for our clients. Our data-driven approach determines the solutions we recommend and helps our clients see true growth.

Our custom tech, range of solutions, and industry expertise set us apart. So, tell us about your business need, can’t wait to show you what our experts can do.