Health Insurance Leads At Xiingo

Top quality health insurance leads! Our control of generation, collection and call center verification provides you with some of the highest quality health insurance leads available.

  • Live transfers from our call centers directly to your agent’s desk
  • Real Leads! Real Business
  • Health Insurance Leads for Agents
  • High conversion rates
lead filters include
  • Age & height – weight
  • HAS Insurance
  • Medicaid/Medicare
  • Major Health Conditions
  • Annual Family / Individual Income

With Our Expertise, Buy Health Insurance Leads

  • Quick responses
  • Leads from mobile apps
  • Medicare & MedSup leads available
  • No contracts, great agent sign up offers
  • Customer service help to answer your questions
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We control the process from generation, collection, to call center verification! That means that we can respond quickly to your needs and provide you high quality health insurance sales leads in whatever number you require.

Our service is available via email, Outlook, word doc whatever means suits you the best. Our customer service is available to help. Health Insurance leads for individuals and group health insurance leads!

We have a generous replacement policy for leads judged on a case by case basis. Questions? Contact customer service to help resolve any questions or problems! If Health Insurance leads will build your business, we have health insurance leads that provide real business!

Writing policies and closing sales were never this easy